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AYBAll Your Base Are Belong to Us
AYBAll Your Base (Are Belong to Us)
AYBAssociated Yacht Brokers (UK)
AYBAlashanek Ya Balady (Arabic: For You, Our Country; sustainable development association; Egypt)
AYBAshwaubenon Youth Baseball (Wisconsin)
AYBAtlantic Youth Bowling
AYBAlabama Youth Ballet (Huntsville, AL)
AYBAnne-Yvonne Bureau (French artist)
AYBAccessory Bulletin
AYBAre You Busy?
AYBAre You Bored?
AYBAmerican Youth Ballet (various locations)
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Be ellir ei wneud a'r broblem yma a phwy fyddai'n gyfrifol am eu tocio, trimio a/neu eu dymchwel - os y ceir caniatad i wneud hyn wrth gwrsPeth arall dwi wedi sylwi arno yw, pan fydd gwaith cynnal a chadw, lladaenu a sythu ffyrdd ayb yn cymeryd lle, y peth cyntaf a wneir wedyn yw plannu coed.
Under the agreement, the two sides will especially work towards engaging Ayb students in the community development projects at Tatev and Dilijan.
VivaCell-MTS extends hands to AYB Senior School in line with its commitment to encouraging the development of robotics
Ayb robotics team competed in the high school age group, which included around 30 participants.
AYB members have access to a full array of services, news and information to help them attract, screen, compensate, insure and retain their employees.
We plan an outreach effort that will help us build relationships with other business-to-business companies in the small business arena, as well as AYB customers as affiliates.
Along with HR Manager, a proprietary online human resources department, AYB makes available health insurance, payroll processing, workers compensation, background checks, training and more.
To enter, companies only have to visit AYB, become a free member, and register for the sweepstakes.
AYB also provides customers with news and information and business tools to save them more money and time.
The operations resulted in the arrests of prominent operatives in the so-called Islamic State (IS) (end) ayb.