AYCCAustralian Youth Climate Coalition
AYCCAmazon Youth Cello Choir
AYCCArabian Yemen Cement Company (Yemen)
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At the 2008 climate change talks in Poznan, Poland, McKenzie says AYCC was the only NGO to be granted a meeting with Australia's Climate Change Minister, Penny Wong.
The AYCC has also started a project to support Pacific Island countries in their preparations for the UN talks in Copenhagen.
TABLE 1: Key to Abbreviations Australian Energy Market AEMC Commission AYCC Australian Youth Climate Coalition BNEF Bloomberg New Energy Finance BZE Beyond Zero Emissions CAG Climate Action Group CEC Clean Energy Council C[O.
The AYCC now boasts membership of 56,000 and has two simple aims: a price tag on pollution and sustainability education to tackle climate change.
After my experience in the AYCC, but also in meeting effective activists the world over, I understand the truth in this quote.