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AYINAfrikan Youth in Norway (Oslo, Norway)
AYINAfrican Youth ICT4D (Information and Communication Technologies for Development) Network (Lagos, Nigeria)
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But determined to bring about change, he took it upon himself to integrate youth with a troubled childhood and set up the AYIN.
A reality portrayed as a state of being rooted in a primordial essence of life, stripped from the "ever-changing clothes." It is a romantic pastoral depiction of life in alternate "Land" revolving and evolving through the dynamic of annihilation of reality, turning yesh into ayin that is aimed at both the personal and the national, the historical and the geographical in order to gain access to a redeemed state of life.
Noughts and Crosses, located in the cosmopolitan bustle of Beirut Souks, combines the Phoenician letter Taw -- which looks like a cross, and means 'sign' in Phoenician -- and the letter Ayin, which resembles a circle and signifies the eye.
Kinehora is a contraction of three Yiddish words: kayn ayin hara, literally "not (kayn) the evil (hara) eye (ayin)." The kayn comes from the German for "no" and the ayin hara from Hebrew.
What follows is an individual will synchronous with God's will through the surrendering to the ayin (nothingness).
In an interview on Al Hayat TV's "Ayin" show, Haifa said that she doesn't like leaking information about her film and would rather not talk about it.
Earlier Iranian Ambassador to Azerbaijan Mohsun Pak Ayin said that Azerbaijan and Iran came to an agreement to open the