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AYKArctic-Yukon-Kuskokwim Region (Alaska)
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"The most notable change to AYK Region commercial fisheries is the decline in Chinook salmon harvest in recent years.
(88) Mae Samlan Philomthai is the spirit medium for 'Khun Sulivong Kiang Kai', a thahan ayk, or military commander, under Phaya Narin Songkhram.
"Most prominently is Ayk Ltd., which displayed different domestic goods and products that were manufactured to high quality standards," Hassan noted.
A pity the Norwegian bass-baritone Terje Stensvold's Phillip II so powerfully dominated the Armenian bass Ayk Martirossian's Grand Inquisitor in the opera's greatest vocal confrontation.
"El eslogan politico "I like Ike" (/ay layk ayk) es de estructura esquematica, consistente en tres monosilabos, con tres diptongos /ay/, cada uno de los cuales viene seguido simetricamente de un fonema consonantico /..l..l..k/.
Austin State University (Faculty Research Grant # 14123 to AYK, LEB and DKP, 2003 to 2004).
AYK Socks (Canada), Asher Kraus, President; phone: 514-279-4648, P.8.
The revolt is presented in the film as an apolitical strike by sailors working for Israel's maritime company, "Tzim." Led by Nimrod Eshel and Ayk Aharonowitz, the sailors demand that the government-controlled general workers' union (the Histadrut) and the government improve their working conditions and salary.
For one thing, the tribute being paid isn't even to a ``real'' band, it is to John Landis's cult 1980 film starring John Belushi and Dan Ayk r oyd For another, the men ``playing'' Jake and Elwood were once called William Smith-Eccles and Mark John Moore, sons of Derbyshire and Liverpool respectively.
Commercial salmon fisheries in the Arctic- Yukon-Kuskokwim (AYK) region of Alaska generally provide a cash supplement to the subsistence way of life of the rural residents, who make up the bulk of the commercial fishers.
(17.) Menezes RL, Bachion MM, Souza JT, Nakatani AYK. Estudo longitudinal dos aspectos multidimensionais da saude de idosos institucionalizados.