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AYLAylesford (UK)
AYLArapahoe Youth League (Colorado)
AYLAustralian Yoga Life (magazine)
AYLAre You Listening
AYLAurora Youth League (est. 1956; Aurora, CO)
AYLAnthony Lagoon Airport (airport code; Australia)
AYLAshes You Leave (band)
AYLAiding Youth for Life
AYLAt Your Leisure
AYLAmity Youth Lacrosse (Connecticut)
AYLAsk Your Lawmaker (Capitol News Connection)
AYLAustralian Young Labor (political group)
AYLAvon Youth League (est. 1966; UK)
AYLAlberta Young Liberals (Canada)
AYLAfrican Youth League (Ohio State University; Columbus, OH)
AYLAssociation of Young Lawyers (Bulgaria)
AYLAdd Your Light (Dominican Republic)
AYLAurelia Youth League (Aurelia, IA)
AYLAnnual Yearly Loss
AYLArchive Your Life
AYLAnnounce Your Life (website)
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Universite ogrencilerinde nikotin, alkol ve madde bagimliliginin 12 ayl?k yayginligi (Twelve month prevalence of nicotine, alcohol, and substance dependence among undergraduate students).
In medieval monasteries, in fact, an hour did not necessarily equal sixty minutes, but simply marked "the duration of some of the offices." (25) And as Ganymede saucily informs Orlando, time is almost entirely subjective, traveling "in divers paces with diverse persons" (AYL, 3.2.303-04).
On the night he was murdered in my Palestinian home, my 24-year-old interpreter Mutassim 'Adel' Ayl was also in the house.
Mae'n ymwelydd cyson x'u gwlad, ac yn bwriadu dychwelyd yno i chwarae golff pan gaiff yr ayl Pan-Geltaidd ei chynnal yn Kilkenny yn ddiweddarach eleni.
The veritable fountain of images of God invoked during Rosh Ha-Shanah and Yom Kippur--God as biographer recording our lives, God as merciful mother (the phrase Ayl molei rahamim literally means "God full of wombs"), God as glassblower, God as soft-on-crime judge--testifies to centuries of discomfort with this face-to-face meeting with the One we cannot face.
A Funeral Elegy is measurably influenced by the stage roles that influence all late Shakespearean texts, such as Adam and Old Corin (AYL), Albany (Lr.), Cardinal Pandulph (Jn.), Friar Lawrence and the Chorus (Rom.), Gaunt and the Gardener (R2), King Ferdinand (LLL), King Henry (2H4), the king of France (AWW), and others.
Ayl Wys Suspicious), identified by the tenant, produced a conversation that Sherlock would rather forget.
Mun-Ease makes possible an extensive set of municipal bond-related calculations, including true interest cost (TIC), net interest cost (NIC), arbitrage yield limit (AYL), excess earnings for rebate purposes and internal rate of return (IRR) on the investment portfolio.
Tribe of gall inducer Gall inducer Inquiline Cynipini Andricus quercusradicis (And) Neuroterus numismalis (Neu) Synergus crassicornis (Sye) Biorhiza pallida (Bio) Ceroptres arator (Cer) Rhoditini Diplolepis rosae (Dip) Periclistus brandtii (Per) Aylacini Diastrophus turgidus (Dia) Synophromorpha terricola (Syo) Isocolus rogenhoferi (Iso) none Aylax papaveris (Ayl) none Phanacis phoenixopodos (Pha) none MATERIALS AND METHODS
Keith Van Horn, Executive Director and Founder of Premier is particularly excited about working with the volunteer coaches of the Competitive and Recreational AYL League Teams and the 4-7 year old programs.