AYLIAs You Like It
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Ayli presented his research at a number of scientific meetings including the Society for Investigative Dermatology, European Society for Dermatologic Research, and the International Society for Investigative Dermatology.
This conclusion shows good agreement with the CFD results of the same cavity configurations by Ayli [44].
Alan has had three other partners as Ayli since he brought the characters to life.
And next year the man who has given pleasure to thousands of Midlanders as half of Black Country comedy act Aynuk and Ayli celebrates his 40th year in showbiz.
"But it wasn't all serious, there were a few Aynuk and Ayli jokes."
AN old Victorian fire station in the Black Country has been converted into the Aynuk and Ayli community cafe.
But to pin all their hopes on a player who broke his foot three times in seven months makes no more sense than one of Aynuk and Ayli's jokes.
Reminds me of the one about Aynok and Ayli overheard discussing the frustrations of the outward journey on a day trip to the seaside and AH, BUT WE DAY 'ARF GOO CUMMIN BACK!
After the service, comedian Alan Smith, alias Aynuk, whose partner John Plant (Ayli), died in November, aged 54, said: "Harry would have been over the moon with this today.
THE widow of Black Country comic John "Ayli" Plant sheds a silent tear as she remembers the man who brought laughter to audiences across the Midlands for two decades.
The show, held last night at Wolverhampton's Dunstall Park racecourse, saw Black Country entertainers lining up to perform and remember John, who played Ayli alongside Alan Smith's Aynuk for more than 20 years.
John, half of the famous Aynuk and Ayli comedy double act for more than 20 years, died on November 21 after a short illness, He was 54.