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AYMEAssociation of Young People with ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis)(UK)
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Via AYME, I've met so many people, who've struggled and battled with ME, who otherwise I would have never known or felt so much compassion and thanks for.
AYME is using ME Awareness Week, to raise its profile and reach out to thousands of children and young people who, it says, are still suffering alone.
AYME has won Department of Health and corporate funding for positive living workshops, designed and delivered by young people with ME.
These workshops provide young people with a chance to get support and talk about the negative effects of ME and to build confidence," said AYME project worker Katie James.
AYME is launching a campaign during ME Awareness Week to highlight the plight of severely affected youngsters and calling for more support.
AYME, the Association of Youth with ME, has over 500 members, ranging in age from 24 to as young as four.
Spokesgirl Emily Collingridge, herself a victim at 17, says: "For so many of our members, trapped at home in the growing years, AYME is a lifeline - our main contact with the outside world.