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AYNAboriginal Youth Network
AYNArctic Youth Network (Yukon, Canada; youth social awareness)
AYNArmy Yachting Node (India)
AYNAragón Ye Nazión (Aragon Is Nation)
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The sources said that the Syrian Army's 42nd and 63rd Brigades of the 4th Mechanized Division, in coordination with the National Defense Forces (NDF) and the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP), carried out a powerful assault on the positions of al-Nusra Front, and their allies from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham at the village of Ayn al-Dawlah in the East hills of Zabadani.
The center reported on al-Abbasi, one of the two owners, as saying that Israeli troops raided his two carpet stores, each occupying 100 meter square, and 100-meter-square apartment under construction in Ayn al-Lawza area of Silwan, ransacking them, destroying their doors and throwing their goods out before proceeding to demolish them.
Ayn Rand's most revolutionary contribution to interpersonal ethics is the principle that there are no conflicts of interests among rational men.
The car was discovered in Ayn Sdeh almost seventeen hours after his disappearance, while his body was found some hundred meters away from the highway of the locality with a hunting rifle by his side containing one empty shot.
Ayn Rand is one of those things that a lot of us, when we were 17 or 18 and feeling misunderstood, we'd pick up" the Huffington Post quoted Obama, as saying.
They are archetypes of human character, expressed variously through replication of Roark, Ayn Rand's concept of ideal man who acts as a free spirit and with integrity, and characters considered by her as the second-handers.
What is needed is a fundamental intellectual revolution, and Ayn Rand identified--we identified--the core ideas that need to be challenged are actually moral, ethical ideas.
Ayn Rand, it was said, was one of the main inspirations for his particular philosophy.
Ayn Rand is the reason Ryan chose to study economics -- he patterned his worldview and economic policies after her -- and he also once required his congressional interns to read Rand's best-known work, published in 1957, "Atlas Shrugged.
The first video began with Mike Wallace interviewing Ayn Rand, excerpted from a 1959 television show.
A web-only essay questioning the compatibility of the Tea Party ethos (as inspired by Ayn Rand) and Catholic concern for the common good drew both praise and criticism.
From a single donated home, AYN has grown into a multi-location provider of services to over 3,500 children aged five to 18 years annually, with a service array that includes everything from residential treatment with 24/7 nursing to day treatment programs, outpatient services, therapeutic and regular foster-care homes, even multi-systemic therapy for the families of adjudicated children.