AYPAAspen Young Professionals Association (Pennsylvania)
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'Chief (Mrs.) Awolowo's motherly care tolerance, dedication, and most importantly belief that God is the giver of all good things of life ....blended together to give members of the association especially its leadership the vital bearing to pilot the ship of the association through the turbulent waters for 55 years', said the AYPA leader.
Bill was a product ofthe AYPA, St Francis, High Heaton, Branch, strong in the Newcastle Diocese after the War.While he was at Chichester Theological College his vicar Humphrey Jones told me:
Tenders are invited for Construction of Makrai Tappar to Luchgaon, Makrai Ghoghra Aypa Pathada Babri Dimawar Kajli Chandgarh Chandrapura Kund Luchgaon road Length 24.00 Km.