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Nationally students with disabilities are still achieving at lower levels in math and science assessments (AYPF & CEP, 2002), as well as reading assessments (National Center for Educational Statistics, 2002).
Teacher concerns such as inadequate professional development, excessive paperwork, and attrition specifically resulting from these problems are likely to negatively impact the achievement of students with disabilities (AYPF & CEP, 2002).
Yet, by most measures of success, secondary school students with disabilities continue to experience poorer academic and postschool outcomes than their peers without disabilities (AYPF & CEP, 2002).
More data are needed regarding the achievement of students with disabilities and how state standards and accountability will affect them (AYPF & CEP, 2002).
In the context of standards-based reforms, this means both general and special educators need to learn new research-based content and strategies, or how to apply what they already know with greater success (Alford, 1997; AYPF & CEP, 2002; McGregor et al., 1998; National Association of State Directors of Special Education, 1999; Pedroza, Mueller, & Whitley, 1999).
Betsy Brand, executive director, AYPF, noted that her organization has been focusing on what the research and innovative programming say about student success.
In addition, the call will highlight city examples described in a recent publication on dropout recovery published by AYPF, titled "Whatever it Takes: How Twelve Communities are Reconnecting Out-of-School Youth."
When the AYPF group visited MVCTC to learn more about the academy, a group of current MVCTC students in STEM classes participated in a discussion panel to share their experiences.
Video content will be augmented by NCN-TV's coverage of a panel discussing local approaches for providing opportunities for high school dropouts, co-hosted by AYPF and YEF Institute.
Halperin's new report, The Forgotten Half Revisited (AYPF, 1836 Jefferson Place N.W., Washington, DC 20036-2505; $15 prepaid), makes these points:
AYPF's report also profiled the TransCenter for Youth Schools in Milwaukee, which include the Northwest Opportunities Vocational Academy, El Puente High School and the CITIES Project High School.