AYPNArkansas Young Professionals Network
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For good measure, the board might have adopted an official resolution condemning politicization of AYPN and specifically welcoming young members regardless of race, sex, creed or political persuasion.
How different would Nate's article have been if the board of AYPN had done any of those things?
Instead, the men left on the board (and all remaining voting members are male, despite the obfuscation they attempted in an e-mail sent to AYPN members) apparently decided that they simply need not respond to the revelations of flaming liberals like Rutherford and Arkansas Times Editor Max Brantley.
As I told the officer, AYPN might have responded to the original e-mail leaks far more productively had it had more diversity of thought on its board of directors to begin with.
I am not personally acquainted with any of the current AYPN board members, and I surely don't fall into the "young professional" category, so my interest in this has been purely journalistic.
I do hope that AYPN survives this unfortunate episode and thrives in the future.
Yolanda Hugg, who has held various leadership roles with AYPN and is the current national committee-woman with the Young Republicans, and Karen Junot, former director of AYPN's professional development committee, both resigned their positions with AYPN because of the e-mails.
"I have gained a lot from AYPN both professionally and personally," Hugg wrote.
Junot's statement echoed Hugg's, but she added that AYPN should not be judged by the actions of a few.
Randall Dixon, director of AYPN's communications committee, who was not among the group of e-mailers, said AYPN's leaders did meet and discuss the e-mails shortly after they became public but decided not to take action against directors who were involved.
E-mails long after the election, however, indicate more scheming among members of AYPN's board.
Although there is no official age limit for AYPN membership, most members range from their early 20s to their mid-30s.