AYPSAsian Youth Prevention Services (San Francisco, CA)
AYPSAnno Yersina Pestis Spiritus (Latin)
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For example, this will help the 2018-23 AYP strategy by Mombasa county which is a great idea,' said Okong'o.
Mombasa was the first county to develop such a strategy to address the issues of teenage pregnancies and now Kilifi and Nairobi are in the process of developing their own AYP strategies.
Specifically, commercialized tutorial programs are profiting at the expense of the most needy schools because NCLB requires that schools not meeting the AYP must use 20% of their federal funds to purchase an after-school tutorial program (Neill et al., 2002).
Furthermore, the AYP goals place pressure on states to have ELs participate in state assessment programs in English.
If a school doesn't meet its AYP for two consecutive years, then it has to offer students the opportunity to go to a school with better scores, paying for the transportation costs.
Students with the lowest scores get first choice for moving, so consider this scenario: A receiving school's AYP is endangered by the incoming students, and the sending school's AYP improves just because they left.