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The descendant of a warlike Scottish Border clan and the son of a stone-mason who is described as 'an awful fighter,' Carlyle was born in 1795 in the village of Ecclefechan, just across the line from England, and not far from Burns' county of Ayr. His fierce, intolerant, melancholy, and inwardly sensitive spirit, together with his poverty, rendered him miserable throughout his school days, though he secured, through his father's sympathy, a sound elementary education.
This news release includes forwardlooking information and statements pertaining to, among other things, Ayr's future growth plans.
Whitley Renegades, competing in the under-20 event, face hosts North Ayr, Murrayfield and Sheffield.
| THE following weekend (June 8 nd 9) Whitley Mischiefs participate in the under-nine tournament alongside North Ayr, Ayr, Belfast,and Murrayfield.
The Rugby Park men are 1-5with Hill to qualify while Ayr are 10-3.
Penalties To win on the night it's Killie 4-11 (Hill, Paddy Power) and Ayr 15-2 (Bet365) with the draw paying 7-2 at boylesports.
But Ayr's first-ever major final has caused friction in some quarters.
In Ayr itself, another family have been divided by the final.
Tourist Board chief Ian Robinson blasted: "Ayr is a vibrant town with a host of quality features from visitor attractions such as the Burns National Heritage Park to the wide array of shops.
"The town has a packed calendar including events such as Ayr Flower Show and Ayr Races."
Duffy then blasted Ayr's fifth into the top corner and victory was secured when Killie's Chris Innes shot over.
Falkirk and Ayr clash at rundown Brockville today and Annand is desperate to avoid the heartache the Bairns players have suffered.