AYSOAmerican Youth Soccer Organization
AYSOAt Your Service Online (employee self-service website; University of California)
AYSOAll Your Saturdays Occupied
AYSOAlbuquerque Youth Soccer Organization (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
AYSOAmerican Youth Symphonic Orchestra (Annandale, VA)
AYSOAlabama Youth Soccer Organization
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AYSO officials have 900 kids signed up for soccer this spring, and, in the words of Commissioner Terry Urmson, there are "about nine people doing the work for all those kids.
Detour, KIDS in the GAME, and AYSO all believe that sports are an essential positive developmental tool for young people.
AYSO Region 46 (Saugus, Santa Clarita), (661) 296-2976
But the idea of mandatory volunteerism didn't sit well with several AYSO parents, including Christine Ancell, a stay-at-home mom who fired off a letter of complaint to Springfield Mayor Sid Leiken - and to officials at AYSO's national offices near Los Angeles.
Through this partnership, when an AYSO team is formed in its online registration system (eAYSO), Shutterfly will automatically create a free Shutterfly Share site as a safe and secure place for the team's coaches and parents to share pictures and videos, manage game and practice schedules, access volunteer assignments and more.
This partnership will make it the premiere children's online soccer destination," said Lynn Berling-Manuel, AYSO Chief Marketing Officer.
Herbalife is on a mission for nutrition, while AYSO provides children, adolescents and teens an outlet to be active.
As a part of the campaign, MedImmune has become a sponsor of WPS, the world's premier women's professional soccer league, and AYSO, a nationwide non-profit youth soccer organization that develops and delivers quality youth soccer programs to approximately 600,000 players.
Today, AYSO has more than 50,000 teams and more than 650,000 players and is supported by over 250,000 volunteers.
Global Soccer Stars join AYSO kids to Lead Soccer Community in Nationwide Fundraising Effort to Fight Malaria
One of my kids asked me during our last AYSO soccer game why some teams play with goalies.