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AYTAre You There (part of TELNET protocol)
AYTAccelerated Yield Technology (farming process; trademark of Pioneer Hi-Bred)
AYTAntalya, Turkey - Antalya (Airport Code)
AYTAdvanced Yield Trial
AYTAll Your Texts (Crows Nest, New South Wales, Australia; discount academic textbook supplier)
AYTAdvanced Yoga Training
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Grain yield of Granger tested over 40 AYT location-years averaged 3467 kg [ha.
In addition to selecting for yield, the company's researchers also use AYT to select varieties possessing the key defensive traits demanded by growers.
The AYT process starts with Pioneer researchers mining and analyzing the company's germplasm database, including ancestral varieties that had been commercialized in the past, but are no longer on the market, to identify native genes associated with high yields.
The AYT system also improves our research timelines.
Abbreviations: AYT, advanced yield trial; G x E, genotype x environment interaction; R, repeatability.
In addition to defensive traits, Pioneer researchers used the AYT system to intensively mine the proprietary soybean germplasm base to select for enhanced and valuable agronomic traits, such as good emergence score.
Pioneer researchers are adopting the AYT system in all of the crops the company markets," Schafer concludes.
Y Series soybeans, and other products that are in the Pioneer pipeline that employ the AYT system, will certainly have an important role in accomplishing that goal.
December 2011 passenger figures for the foreign majority-owned airports are as follows: AYT with 562,509 (up12.
Joseph is a bundle of fun, inspiring the cast of 40 senior and junior members of AYT in this version of the traditional pantomime, specially written for the group by Neville Ellis.
25m passengers, while AYT on the Turkish Riviera received some3m passengers.
Well over half a million passengers used AYT on the Turkish Riviera, while the Bulgarian airports of BOJ and VAR on the Black Sea coast together served about 28,500 passengers, Fraport said.