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AYWAs You Were
AYWAs You Wish
AYWAnimate Your World
AYWAttractive Young Woman
AYWAlliance Youth Works (Coleraine, Northern Ireland, UK)
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Subtype adr is prevalent in South China, adw and ayw in India and ayw in Mediterranean countries while adw is common in the Netherland and ayw in Portugal (Li et al., 2017).
The former Delhi CM also exhorted the existing and would- be AYW members to make five promises to the country.
Anywn ayw,y as I was saying:a to smokek or not to smoke?
By tradition, hepatitis B virus is classified into 4 subtypes or serotypes (adr, adw, ayr, and ayw) based on antigenic determinants of the hepatitis B surface antigen (10).
La infeccion puede causar cirrosis y hepatocarcinoma; se han identificado 4 serotipos (adw, ayw, adr, ayr) y siete genotipos de la A a la G.
Ayw ei dyfodiad cynnar yn arwydd arall o gynhesu byd-eang tybed?
Two of the carrier children had wild-type HBsAg with subtype ayw, similar to their mothers; the third child had a double mutation with an amino acid substitution of proline for serine at positions 120 (P120S) and 127 (P127S).
The antiviral activity of the above-reported compounds was tested in vitro in cell line HFF (strain E-377 for HSV-1, strain G for HSV2, strain Ellen for VZV, and strain Copenhagen for VV), Vero 76 cell line (strain Adames) for PTV, cell line 2.2.15 (strain ayw) for HBV, and cwell line Huh-Luc/Neo ET (strain CON-1) for HCV.
Whyh migrag nta workerk s,r anywn ayw, y when the cryr is "British jobs for British workerk s"?r St Matthew e again: "TheT harver st trulyl is plenteous, but the laboura er r sr are r few.e " There'rs ' your answes r.
RICKYHOLLOW AYw illleadthe Save Our Stow campaign into one final push f or the famous stadiumataplanningmeetingat Walthamstow TownHalltonight -andheyesterdaycalledonall sidesoftheindustrytoattend.
1) All isolates showed arginine residue at amino acid position 122 determining subgroup "y" and a lysine residue at AA position 160 determining subgroup "w", collectively confirming the serotype of the isolates as "ayw".
To study interaction between ayw, adr and adw subtypes of HBsAg with mAbs raised against adw subtype, an indirect ELISA was performed.