AYYAmulet Yin Yang (spiritual pendant)
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Scorpion 321 fluorescent probe 5'-FAM-CCG CGT TTT TCA AAG CCC ACG CGG-QUE-HEG-AGA TGA TGA TCC CAA GCC TTC TGG-3' and oligonucleotide 425as 5'-GGA TRA AYY RGW AAA CCT TYM YCG G-3' were used as sense and antisense primers, respectively, for screening of the Bartonella genus-specific ITS region.
The A300-60OF's 222-inch diameter fuselage is the widest in its class, and can carry a combination of several container types, such as AYY, SAA or AMJ containers -- the entire range of containers and pallets in use by Federal Express.