AZ1Aviation Maintenance Administrationman First Class (Naval Rating)
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For AZ1, as of the 20 September 2017 IPD, the investor reporting showed a total balance for the class A, B and C notes of EUR35.8 million.
London: Fitch Ratings is maintaining four tranches of Atlantes Mortgages No.1 Plc (AM1), three tranches of Azor Mortgages No.1 (AZ1) and one tranche of Azor Mortgages No.2 (AZ2) on Rating Watch Evolving (RWE).
As such, the weighted average current loan-to-value (LTV) ratios have fallen below 50%, compared with the weighted average original LTVs of 63.7%, 63.9% and 67.1% for AM1, AZ1 and AZ2, respectively.
For example, the senior class A notes have 61.9%, 88.6% and 29.6% of CE as of the last reporting period for AM1, AZ1 and AZ2, respectively.
AZ1 and AZ2 portfolios are highly concentrated in the Azor Region of Portugal.
1 Limit Switch 1 N/O 1 N/C Type 3 Se3-020-0 Az1 Qty/Set- 2 Nos.
Tenders are invited for Siemens Make Limit Switch 2 N/O Plus 1 N/C Contactor Type No.3 Se 3023 - 1 Az1 For Bl Box.
Crumbs - 2948 kg (estimated quantity), in packaging paper or foil from 0.500 kg to 1.500 kg net net CPV: 15893000-4, PN-A-74113: 1997 / AZ1: 1999.