AZACAttendance Zone Advisory Commission (Las Vegas, NV)
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AzNA decided early on in the state Action Coalition formation process that we wanted to be a part of the AZAC leadership team.
Bojan Cercek of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, and associates in the AZACS (Azithromycin in Acute Coronary Syndrome) study
AZACS was conducted at seven centers in the United States, Israel, and Europe.
Confounding is another possibility, since 70% of the patients in AZACS and two-thirds in WIZARD were taking statins, which have anti-inflammatory effects that may have obscured the antibiotic benefit.
Anderson said that while AZACS and WIZARD certainly don't provide any basis for routinely prescribing antibiotic therapy to prevent coronary events, they don't bury the underlying hypothesis, either.