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AZACSAzithromycin in Acute Coronary Syndrome
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1,010 Successful Roxithromycin Neumann coronary stenting; 300 mg/d for et al, (20) assessed for 4 wk restenosis AZACS, 1,439 Unstable angina Azithromycin for Cercek et al (21) or acute MI 5 days; followed up for 6 mo Study, Short-term Long-term Authors Results Results Gupta & Inflammatory Reduction of Camm (13) titers fell at cardiovascular 6 months events (OR= 0.
The incidence of clinical events in the 80% of AZACS participants who had positive titers for C.
Ongoing subanalyses of both trials, however, are expected to reveal specific groups of patients who might benefit from such therapy And, researchers are still awaiting the results of two other pending trials--one with a longer duration of treatment than WIZARD or AZACS, the other using a different antibiotic.