AZARSArizona Animal Rescue and Sanctuary
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After the ceremony, Secretary Azar and Minister Uribe signed a letter of intent to formalize an agreement that the United States, through PEPFAR, will provide additional support to Colombia in the form of a supply of antiretroviral treatment to help provide HIV/AIDS treatment to care for Venezuelans at Colombian public health facilities.
Later in the day, Secretary Azar, other senior HHS officials, and Mark Wells, Charg d'Affaires at the U.S.
To top off the weekend, Harlow's Casino Resort will rock Saturday night with the Steve Azar and Friends Jam.
"There is not another event like this in the state," adds Azar. "Where else are you going to see 30 Grammy-winning recording artists with the head coach of the Denver Broncos, a Hall of Fame baseball player, and actors all on stage together at one time jamming Delta style?
"A large percentage of our sponsors/participants and celebrities are from out of state," explains Azar. "Any type of national exposure expands our reach to bring in new people and gives us a chance to show off our Mississippi Delta and all that it has to offer as well as help solidify our charity event's future."
The tournament serves as a fund-raiser to benefit the Steve Azar St.
"This is truly a one-of-a-kind event," says singer-songwriter and Greenville native Azar.
"They are great about mingling with sponsors and participants and enjoy coming together to celebrate our Delta's food, culture, people, and history," adds Azar.
This event serves as a fundraiser benefiting the Steve Azar St.
Next weeks hearing will be an important opportunity to ask Secretary Azar about the Trump Administrations actions to take away Americans health care, their half-hearted attempts to lower the cost of prescription drugs, and HHSs role in the family separation crisis.
I appreciate the commitment by President Trump and by Secretary Azar, who took our exchange during his first Senate hearing seriously, to put forward recommendations to lower drug prices and end abusive practices that take advantage of our laws.