AZBAmazon Bay, Papua New Guinea (airport code)
AZBAssociation Zen de Belgique (French: Belgian Zen Association)
AZBArizona Bay (Bill Hicks CD)
AZBAvionik Zentrum Braunschweig (German: Avionics Center Brunswick; Brunswick, Germany)
AZBAngular Z-Buffer
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The Angular Z-Buffer (AZB) technique is similar to the light buffer technique, although the AZB has several unique characteristics that make it especially suitable for the diffraction treatment (Perez et al.
To increase the efficiency of AZB technique, the AZB algorithm was combined with another algorithm for space subdivision (the octree algorithm).
In the second phase of the TROyA technique, the AZB matrix for each facet is created from the information previously obtained with the octree.
This means a significant time reduction in the AZB matrix creation.
The tremendous power of AbiliTec will surpass anything available in Europe today, and we are delighted to be working as partners with Acxiom to introduce this innovative technology to the European market," said Dieter Schefer, managing director of AZB.
In addition, AZB has been appointed by Acxiom as a global AbiliTec Alliance partner and will look to provide the benefits of faster, more accurate, real-time CDI to their global clients and across the many businesses within the Bertelsmann media empire worldwide.