AZBAmazon Bay, Papua New Guinea (airport code)
AZBAssociation Zen de Belgique (French: Belgian Zen Association)
AZBAngular Z-Buffer
AZBAvionik Zentrum Braunschweig (German: Avionics Center Brunswick; Brunswick, Germany)
AZBArizona Bay (Bill Hicks CD)
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AZB & Partners workforce would be provided with a full service business solution which seamlessly integrates with existing hosted email and business applications from Hosted BlackBerry services.
If you would like to receive a copy of the prospectus for AZB, please visit the American Stock Exchange website at http://www.
NYSE: PAW) announced today that an out of court settlement agreement has been reached with AZB Limited Partnership, an affiliate of Grossman Company Properties, Inc.
By combining cutting-edge marketing strategies with commonsense use of the Internet and sound principals, AZB can provide superior marketing services, giving its customers maximum exposure on the World Wide Web.
AZB will be the primary re-seller of AbiliTec in Germany and will also be adopting the software for all internal CDI needs, thus providing their clients with the fastest, most accurate CDI service and the premier ability to provide online, real-time integration of customer data.