AZENAzimuth Encoder Assembly
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The initial traits were modified in several ways, by indexing all trait scores to the shell length, by taking [phi]- or arc sinus and square root-transformations, and by standardizing all traits and indices to the mode with a mean of zero and a variance equal to one (Afifi & Azen 1979).
Alima, secretly in love with Vanegas, finds a way to avoid being ransomed by her unwelcome Moorish suitor Azen, who has pursued her to Melilla: "de Cristo adoro la fe," she declares to her Christian and Muslim paramours (II: 236), knowing that the Spanish refuse to ransom any Moor who converts to Christianity.
(48.) Watanabe RM, Azen CG, Roy S, Perlman JA, Bergman RN.
Azen, "Serum cobalamin, homocysteine, and methylmalonic acid concentrations in a multiethnic elderly population: ethnic and sex differences in cobalamin and metabolite abnormalities," American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, vol.
1995), in the study CLAS (Cholesterol Lowering Atherosclerosis Study)--23 [micro]m/year (Azen et al.
The AZEN consortium - made up of Azeri oil refiner Azpetrol and the Turkish construction conglomerate Enka - was then investing the cash in the Binagadi field, near Baku.
Smith, 2008; Varma, Wu, Chong, Azen, & Hays, 2006).
A great deal of attention has been given to other ways in which gender and racial bias operate as barriers to access and equity in higher education--in standardized testing (e.g., Freedle, 2003), tracking of students toward or away from particular courses (e.g., Akos, Lambie, & Milsom, 2007), and grading practices (e.g., Azen, Bronner, & Gafni, 2002); this study extends our knowledge of factors impacting equity and access by investigating the presence of bias in letters of recommendation written for college admission.
Matron seemed to have known about azen like this, which was why she warned me not answer any questions asked by white people.
Shaikh Mohammad then headed to Ras Al Khaimah where he offered condolences to the family of martyr Obaid Saeed Al Mazroui in the Azen area.
For zee wyten well bat bei bat ben toward the antartyk bei ben streght feet azen feet of hem bat dwellen vnder be Transmontane (43) also well as wee & bei bat dwellyn vnder vs ben feet azenst feet.