AZFbazoospermia factor region b
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Protein-encoding gene families on the AZFb region include RBMY, PRY, and CDY2 which are expressed only in the testis.
Among the patients, deletion in AZFb region was the most common (66.
Individual deletions in AZFb and AZFc regions were detected in 6 and 1 of the patients which accounted for 50 and 8.
7) Genel olarak AZFa bolgesinin tam delesyonu tekrar dizinlerinin bulunmamasi nedeniyle germ hucre aplazisine, AZFb bolgesinin delesyonu maturasyon duraklamasina, AZFc bolgesinin delesyonu ise AZFa bolgesinden farkli olarak tekrar dizinlerinin fazlaligi nedeniyle hipospermatogenez ile sonuClanmaktadir.
Parsiyel AZFb ve Parsiyel AZFb+c mikrodelesyonu saptanan hastalarda sperm bulunamadi.
We previously reported (1,9) high level of extended asynapsis in three patients, one of them presenting an AZFb microdeletion (9).
Complete deletions of AZFb and AZFb+c are characterized by a histological picture of Sertoli cell only (SCO) or spermatogenic arrest resulting in azoospermia (9) and deletions in AZFa region have been associated with SCO I (complete absence of germ cells in the seminiferous tubules and presence of Sertoli cells only) syndrome (10,11).
Multiplex PCR: Based on our findings of Y chromosome microdeletion through PCR with 16 STSs and 3 genes, simple multiplex PCRs spanning the AZFa, AZFb and AZFc regions were designed which can be performed by employing two tubes.
Of the nine azoospermic subjects harbouring Y chromosome microdeletions, two had deletions in AZFa, one in AZFb (Fig.
Kilavuzda infertil olgularda bakilmasi onerilen delesyonlar AZFa (sY84, sY86), AZFb (sY127, sY134) ve AZFc (sY254, sY255) bolgeleridir.
Infertilite olgularinin 4'unde (%3,48) AZFa, 2'sinde (%1,74) AZFb, 3'unde (%2,61) AZFc ve 7'sinde (%6,09) AZFd bolge delesyonu saptandi.
On bes farkli primer dizisi kullanilarak gerceklestirilen multipleks PCR isleminden sonra agaroz jel elektroforezi ile Y kromozomunun AZFa, AZFb, AZFc ve AZFd bolge mikrodelesyonlari belirlendi.