AZGArtsen Zonder Grenzen (Dutch: Doctors Without Borders)
AZGAcademisch Ziekenhuis Groningen
AZGAlte Zivi Garde (German: Zivi Old Guard; video game)
AZGArcata Zen Group (Arcata, CA)
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Shooting of the Armenian Parliament Was Organized by Russian Special Services," AZG Armenian Daily, (May 3, 2005), retrieved November 7, 2016 from http://www.
The most important regulations are to be found in the Arbeitszeitgesetz or AZG (Working Hours Act) and the Urlaubsgesetz or UrlG (Annual Leave Act).
The important takeaways were that aluminum-zirconium-glycine actives are superior to aluminum actives; a specific aluminum polymer, referred to as peak 4 aluminum polymer, provides increased efficacy when present in the antiperspirant active and low molecular weight polymer distributions in AZG actives result in increased efficacy--which is the single most important criteria according to Dr.