AZHAssociation of Zoological Horticulture
AZHAssisted Zona Hatching (assisted reproductive technology)
AZHAscite Zajdela Hepatoma (oncology)
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On their hands one can see dust, dirt, so what-- Everyone will tell [you], everyone knows, that there are no better hands than theirs!] (Zustreech 1997b) Nekhai z roku v rik, iz rodu v rid Ne bude khliborobam perevodu Khai slava iikhnia vichno ne zakhodyt' Azh doky sontse llie ha zemliu svit.
Along these lines he takes ABE to be the event-signature, standing for the real-events [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and AZH. And he takes [Theta] to be a time-signature, standing for the real-time I, while he takes K to be another time-signature, standing for the real-time [Lambda] (p.
Three different series are available: RZH Series for regular use; AZH for demanding jobs; and the C2000 Series for severe applications.
Other cases of Iranian loan-words into Semitic turning up as ideograms are 4:14 WLTA = gwl 'rose'; 15:10 AZDH: AZH = zd 'known'.
Contract notice: furnishing dg hohenzollerndamm - training center (azh)