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AZIAzithromycin (antibiotic)
AZIAssociation Zen Internationale (France)
AZIAtlas des Zones Inondables
AZIArizona Instrument LLC (Chandler, AZ)
AZIAvstrijski Znanstveni Institut (Slovenian: Austrian Scientific Institute; Slovena and Bulgaria)
AZIAnterior Zonular Insertion (ophthalmology)
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So, it is a very good thing that is happening to farmers in the state,' Azi said.
Al Azi is a significant and important cultural heritage performance reflecting UAE culture and Emirati society.
Se probaron 12 antibioticos todos ellos inhibidores de la expresion genica obteniendose las siguientes CIMs: 9[micron]g/mL AZI, 9[micron]g/mL E, 8[micron]g/mL CC, 34[micron]g/mL AMK, 16[micron]g/ mL GEN, 8[micron]g/mL DOX, 8[micron]g/mL OXI, 20[micron]g/ mL RIF, 20[micron]g/mL RID, 8[micron]g/mL CIP, 8[micron]g/mL LEV y 12[micron]g/mL NOR.
I'm really looking forward to working with Azi Farni, who is an established, enthusiastic and highly respected reporter, and it is always great fun to work with Charlie and Steve, who need no introduction
AZI continues to have a strong profile in the UK insurance market as a leading underwriter of a well diversified portfolio of commercial and retail business.
Azi first met Bono at his favourite celeb haunt Lillie's Bordello when she was only 18, and impressed him by serenading him.
To attach the Asphalt Zipper attachment to a bucket, AZI has patented a "Zip-n-Go" slot which allows the bucket to slide into the machine and then be fastened with chains.
The holiday will afford civil servants and other citizens the opportunity to give the President a rousing welcome,' Azi said.
Best expects AZI to maintain a solid combined ratio in 2008 of between 95% and 100% (2007: 97.
Best anticipates a strong combined ratio of between 95%-100% in 2007 (including likely exposure to the recent UK floods) as AZI continues to benefit from the strong performance of its specialty account and reserve releases resulting from the company's prudent reserving strategy.
The experienced team at AZI shall play a vital role in assembling a portfolio of oil and gas assets for Sonoran to firmly establish our presence in the Iraqi market," said Ala Nuseibeh, Sonoran Energy Executive Vice President, Middle East, North Africa, and Caspian.
BASQUE J IN GLORY Lara George, Azi Jegbefume, Hannah Devane and Niamh Crawford in Dublin last night