AZLArizona League (baseball)
AZLAmerican Z Lines (website; train hobbyists)
AZLAcademisch Ziekenhuis Leiden (Dutch: Academic Hospital, Leiden)
AZLArizona Land Income Corporation (stock symbol; Phoenix, AZ)
AZLAquarius Zwemclub Lebbeke (Dutch: Aquarius Swimclub Lebbeke; Lebbeke, Belgium)
AZLAdvanced Zip Library (website)
AZLAutomated Zone List
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DuPont is a founding partner of AZL, formed in 2012 to meet increasing demand for mass production of lightweight, highly stable, chemically resistant components, mainly for transportation-related applications.
1784 tarihli Eflak ve Bogdan memleketlerine dair senet denilen ve Rusya ve Avusturya elcilerinin takrirlerine cevaben yazilan vesikada voyvodalarin tahkik olunmus tohmetleri vuku bulmadikca azl olunmayacaklari karara baSlanmisti: Akcura, Osmanli Devleti'nin Dagilma Devri, s.
Differences and distinctions that exist in physical things are always two-sided and are separative ('azl).
With a wide-stance box-way construction and 45-degree V-slant bed the AZL 2400 is a 4-axis CNC lathe designed for machining aluminum wheels up to 24.5".
* Alkane Exploration of Perth, Western Australia, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Australian Zirconia (AZL), has entered into a memorandum of understanding with Kawatetsu Mining (a subsidiary of Kawasaki Steel) and Itochu Corp.
The method used during the time of the Prophet was coitus interruptus ('azl), about which several hadith exist.
There are also statements in the Hadith (compilations of the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad) concerning the use of contraceptive methods, which emphasize the need to obtain the wife's consent before practicing azl (withdrawal) because it may interfere with her enjoyment of sex or her desire for children.
The jurists at the time were in agreement that contraception ('azl, or coitus interruptus) interfered with two basic rights of women, the right to bear children and the right to sexual fulfillment.
Other participants in iComposite 4.0 are the Aachen Center for Integrative Lightweight Production (AZL) at RWTH Aachen;
This study suggests that AZL influence depends on its antioxidative properties.
Sent RHP Brian Schlitter to the AZL Cubs for a rehab assignment.
So for example Lensvelt worked with Richard Meier on the design of furniture for the City Hall in the Hague (AR January 1996); and with Wiel Arets on developing the Stealth office system for the AZL Pension Funds headquarters in Heerlen.