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AZMAcademisch Ziekenhuis Maastricht (Dutch: Maastricht University Hospital; Maastricht, Netherlands)
AZMAcetazolamide (also seen as AZA)
AZMAmerican Zionist Movement (New York, NY)
AZMAdoral Zone of Membranelles
AZMAzeri Manat (Azerbaijan currency)
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Osteogenic differentiation and cell viability were determined in order to investigate the effects and underlying mechanisms of AZM on the osteogenic differentiation of PDLSCs in an inflammatory microenvironment.
In the 2009 study, CPF, AZM, and their oxygen analogs were identified in the outdoor air of the surrounding agricultural communities, indicating direct atmospheric transformation.
IIRA has an outstanding rating of 'AA+' (PK) (Double A Plus) on the PKR 22 billion K-Electric AZM Sukuk on the national scale.
We selected the 10 MDR isolates for further characterization and determined MICs of AZM and CIP by Etest (bioMerieux).
AZM also obtained new device approval for its Quattro and ICY heat exchange catheters to be used for therapeutic hypothermia sales in Japan will begin soon.
People from the regime, maybe the Russians, the opposition and the main negotiating powers may want certain guarantees about the names or other details," Azm said, adding that if agreed, the transition could end up a mix of opposition and regime figures.
The COAS, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani witnessed practical version of Azm - e- Nau-IV in the desert close to Hyderabad on October 6, 2013.
Al Azm on "Anti-Imperialists" Dr Sadiq Jalal al Azm highlists the so-called anti-imperialist camp that has made it their mission to obfuscate and confuse the discourse surrounding Syria since the start of the revolution.
Karachi Electric Supply Company successfully concluded its AZM Conference involving over 8,500 employees from various tiers, who pledged their firm belief in the change of management and transformation of the utility into a purely customer-centric entity.
The in vitro antibacterial activity of taxifolin-7-O-[alpha]-L-rhamnopyranoside (TR) and its synergy with four conventional antibiotics (ampicillin (AMP), levofloxacin (LEV), ceftazidime (CAZ) and azithromycin (AZM)) against ten clinical isolates of methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) were evaluated, respectively.