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AZOAlpha Zeta Omega (fraternity)
AZOAl-Zulfiqar Organization (Pakistan)
AZOKalamazoo, MI, USA - Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International (Airport Code)
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E128 Red 2G Red azo used in sausages and cooked meat products such as burgers.
Applications of azo dyes are not only limited to textile materials but also to leather, aluminum sheet, ink-jet printer, paper, electro-optical devices [14].
The present work aimed at investigating the decoloration and degradation of mono azo reactive dyes.
Similarly three types of structurally different four azo dyes Reactive Black 5, Reactive Blue BRS, Direct Blue and Disperse Yellow were used for enrichment of the medium to isolate bacteria.
Decolorization studies have identified a number of genes that confer the ability to degrade azo dyes.
After 12 weeks, the Azo takers felt just as much urgency to urinate as those taking the placebo.
The first step in the synthesis of azo dyes is the conversion of amine compounds into diazonium salts.
2004), have been used to carry out putative enzymatic biodegradation and consequent decolorization of different azo dyes.
Due to the continuing cost escalation of azo intermediates and the raw materials used to produce azo pigments, specialty pigments, flush colors and water dispersions, Flint Group Pigments has announced that they must increase prices on these products.
Research by AZO found that many women have been seeking an easy-to-take, drug-free product without side effects to address their bladder issues.
SGS summarizes the requirements for azo dyes and formaldehyde content in fabrics for baby and children's clothing in a recently published news article.
WM Bamford & Co Limited has added some new agencies and products to add to its extensive range of infection control, wound care, and medical products, including the Spiggle & Thies range and the Azo family of products from Synergy Health.