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AZOAlpha Zeta Omega (fraternity)
AZOKalamazoo, MI, USA - Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International (Airport Code)
AZOAl-Zulfiqar Organization (Pakistan)
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After 12 weeks, the Azo takers felt just as much urgency to urinate as those taking the placebo.
The first step in the synthesis of azo dyes is the conversion of amine compounds into diazonium salts.
Due to the continuing cost escalation of azo intermediates and the raw materials used to produce azo pigments, specialty pigments, flush colors and water dispersions, Flint Group Pigments has announced that they must increase prices on these products.
The RLS intensities of both BSA and azo microspheres in the wavelength range of 300-600 nm were rather weak.
Andreas Ernst] As we know from several customer projects, manufacturers want an exact colour match to their current successful products containing azo dyes.
Women know and trust the AZO brand for providing products that deliver relief from a variety of feminine issues, and they can have that same confidence in the new AZO PMS," said Steve Swenson, Senior Director of Marketing for Amerifit Brands, the makers of AZO.
Our goal is to ensure that creative vision guides our decision making process every step of the way," said Westergaard, Azo Studios' vice president.
The AZO urinary tract product line, which includes AZO STANDARD Maximum Strength(R), AZO STANDARD(R), AZO CRANBERRY(R) and AZO TEST STRIPS(R) is available over-the-counter at food, drug and mass retail outlets and wherever urinary health treatments are sold.
The Concourse network provides us with an enhanced system to better serve our customers' needs, and increased product selection to provide them with more options," said Karen Wolff, AZO marketing coordinator.
On those occasions, AZO posted an average gain of 9.
To overcome compatibility issues, the first layer of Verbatim's new Dual Reflective Layer is highly reflective and this, when combined with the Metal AZO dye recording layer, provides excellent read/write performance.
Engelhard Yellow 6226 is a red-shade yellow composed primarily of organic azo pigment and some sodium aluminum inorganic pigment.