AZPAutomatic Zoning Problem (procedure)
AZPAlpha Zeta Partners (professional, honorary fraternity; Ohio State University; Columbus, OH)
AZPArchaeological Zoning Plan (Australia)
AZPArtificial Zona Pellucida (biology)
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Sin embargo, las densidades de AZP y AZT entre tratamientos y tiempo de evaluacion fueron irregulares.
Fresco BFN AZP AZT BFN AZP AZT Testigo 150b 21b 199g 463de 171b 1 422a 6 000 185b 23b 541d 182e 44e 85d 10 000 155b 21b 765c 494d 258a 122cd 30 000 172b 25ab 288f 395e 27f 283b 60 000 182b 23b 909a 1 394c 58de 257b 90 000 175b 22b 843b 1 594b 142bc 278b 120 000 262a 21b 297f 2 598a 109cd 227b 150 000 165b 32a 555d 41f 41e 235b 180 000 32c 31a 356e 137e 74de 247b Intemperizado Testigo 150c 21a 199b 463b 171a 1 422b 14 173 10e 14c 36e 827a 31c 1 633a 28 400 17e 16b 135d 333c 79bc 1 188b 50 598 77e 10c 171c 216d 125ab 629c 75 492 167d 11c 162c 120e 99b 1 153b 112 142 417a 12c 220a 120e 116b 1 190b * Valores con diferentes letras por columna del mismo color son estadisticamente diferentes (Tukey.
Manufacturing facilities for AZP will be constructed at the company's Chiba Plant, with start-up scheduled for early next year.
The symptoms of acute AZP intoxication include nausea, vomiting, severe diarrhea, and stomach cramps (Satake et al.
Although AZP is a serious concern in Europe, its presence has never been reported outside European waters.
The Moroccan monitoring program to screen for the presence of lipophilic compounds employs the mouse bioassay (MBA), which does not allow distinguishing the contamination from different phycotoxin families, such as DSP or AZP, because these compounds are detected altogether.
From the data presented in Figure 4, one observes that maximal concentrations of AZP toxins appear after the decline of DSP peaks (mid September 2004 and mid July 2005).
The simultaneous presence of DSP and AZP toxins may occur in Moroccan mussels, but maximal concentrations of these two distinct toxin families are separated in time.