AZPAAnti-Zona Pellucida Antibodies
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Fretes, who had a glamorous mane of black hair and had to change out of short shorts and high heels before we headed into the cane fields, explained that AZPA's land bordered a part of the Ybytymi (pronounced ee-bee-tee-MEE) that's been preserved as a national park.
Dario Zaldivar, a Paraguayan who manages US exports for Wholesome Sweeteners, said he'd been trying to convince AZPA to spare the pockets of forest on its undeveloped land at Isla Alta, without much success.
When I reached Raul Hoeckle, then-president of AZPA, at his office in the country's capital, Asuncion, he confirmed that his family's company wasn't converting its existing conventional cropland, but was establishing new fields to ramp up organic production.
On its fields, AZPA follows standards for no-till plowing, weeding by hand, and forgoing chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides (wasps are used to drive out pests).