AZSAkademicki Zwiazek Sportowy (Polish: Academic Sports Association)
AZSAutomatic Zero Set
AZSAarschotse Zwemclub Schoonhoven (Dutch swim club)
AZSAzerbaijan Standard
AZSSamana International Airport, Dominican Republic (airport code)
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This AZS feature helps to obtain results with desirable accuracy based on an appropriately selected value of [beta].
In the previous case study, both FZS and AZS were shown capable of modeling long shafts correctly by CONTAM97R when the shaft is airtight.
Ocena sposobu zywienia zawodniczek siatkarskiej druzyny AZS AWF Warszawa, Med Sport 2007; 23, supl: 1-12.
1], liquid Solonia, AZS Company, Toulouse, France) (N1 and N2), and grain development stage (50 kg [ha.
In all experiments, MSX was used at a final concentration of 200 [[micro]molar] and AZS at 1 mM.
He also proposed assessing the profitability of Alitalia's cargo business before taking any decision on exiting the business in 2010, and keeping Atitech, an AZS subsidiary that provides maintenance in Naples.
Cardiff CIty LFC open their Uefa Cup campaign on Tuesday against hosts AZS Wroclaw (Poland), followed by their other matches against Metallist Kharkov (Ukraine) next Thursday and KI Klaksvik (Faroe Islands) on Saturday.
trades on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol AZS.
Air France KLM confirmed that its restructuring of Alitalia will include approximately 1,600 job cuts, fleet downsizing and the transfer of some 2,800 AZ Servizi employees to AZ Fly with the remaining AZS staff retained for up to two consecutive periods of four years.
Implementation of "turnkey" in accordance with the terms of reference to application 08-2523 (adjustment) of the external power supply scheme for the object: AZS subscriber: OOO "RN-Trade" at the address: St.