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AZTAzido-Thymidine (AIDS drug)
AZTZidovudine (antiretroviral drug)
AZTAllianz Zentrum für Technik GmbH (German automotive safety standards)
AZTAutomobilklub Ziemi Tyskiej (Polish motor sports series)
AZTAschheim-Zondek Test
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If [for example], defendant had soundly predicted that AZT could cure nausea in the weightlessness of space, it might require NASA and all its rocket ship expertise to 'establish' the utility, but NASA would not on that account become a co-inventor.
The company, which started to manufacture AZT in early 2000 for export, got the necessary approval from the State Drug Administration to sell it domestically only last week and is now busy marketing the medicine, the newspaper said.
Although the new strain could still be treated with AZT, it raised the possibility of viruses becoming immune to the drug in the future.
According to the papers filed in court: "Towards the end of July 1997, [James Hayman] commenced a month's course of AZT, together with a related drug, 3TC, at daily oral does of 600mg and 300mg respectively, which had been prescribed to him following an HIV-positive diagnosis based on reactive antibody tests of HIV and a low CD4+ cell count.
For example, researchers from the University of Washington and the University of Nairobi who were studying not the efficacy of AZT but how HIV is transmitted from pregnant women to their children, could not have carried out their study if they had given the women AZT.
Anderson was told a doctor could FedEx her liquid AZT.
Approved November 17, 1995 for combination use with AZT as a treatment option for HIV infection in adults and pediatrics patients greater than or equal to 3 months old.
In a retrospective analysis of the subgroup of patients with high viral load at baseline (greater than 100,000 copies/mL), the combination of Sustiva, AZT and 3TC also provided suppression of viral load through 48 weeks.
Particularly before the AZT results in 1994, many women were encouraged to obtain abortions.
researchers, in cooperation with researchers and public health officials in eleven developing world nations, designed and planned to carry out clinical trials that would compare a shorter, less intensive regimen of AZT to placebo, in the hope of demonstrating that the short course AZT was safe and effective in preventing perinatal HIV transmission in local populations, and that it would be affordable to most developing nations.
Two studies released on Saturday and to be presented at the 12th World Aids Conference in Geneva show the rate of mother-to-infant transmission plummeting to two per cent and, in some cases, lower than one per cent when the Caesarean section is used with AZT therapy.
In the trials, which involve more than 12,000 pregnant women infected with the AIDS virus in Africa, Thailand and the Dominican Republic, some women receive a drug, AZT, that has worked in studies in the United States, while others receive dummy pills.