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AZUUniversity of Arizona
AZUAcademisch Ziekenhuis Utrecht (Dutch: Academic Hospital, Utrecht)
AZUAphasiker-Zentrum Unterfranken (German: Aphasic Center Franconia)
AZUArreplegats de la Zona Universitària (Spanish)
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Azu Restaurant and Bar in Ojai, CA, serves farm-driven tapas, cocktails and local wine and beer.
It was reported that egg quality in poultry science affected the hatchability of fertile and incubated eggs, and especially chick's development (Obike and Azu, 2012).
At night there is a thriving urban cocktail competition in the fancy village bars, but the drink they were showing off at Azu is called the Pink Moment for the light that hits the mountains at sunset.
(10) "Iran Chaharmen 'Azu Bashgah Sazandgan 'Pehpad Masaleh' ba Hadayat Ma Havareha-ye dar Jahan Shod" [Iran is the Fourth Member of the Satellite-Guided 'Armed UAV' Club], Mashegh, April 1, 2016; and "'Amaliyat-e Mowafeq Pehpadha-ye Enthari Sepha" [Successful Operation of Suicide UAV Corps], Fars News Agency, February 23, 2013.
NadellaAaAeAeA ( said the move AaAeAeA "marks a huge milestone and a commitment on our pa to make sure that we build the most hyperscale public cloud that operates around the world in more regions than anyone else." AaAeAeA Microsoft's Azu cloud offering is now available in 24 regions globally, and while this is more than Amazon Web Services (AWS),AaAeAeA the ecommerce giant's publ cloud offering is ten times the size of its next 14 competitors (including Microsoft) combined, according to ( Gartner's latest Magic Quadrant AaAeAeA report on the clou
(47.) In Onitsha they are called ndi mpiawa azu (those who break the back with cane), because of the cane they use on people.
DEALS: Adriatic Fo Fo Th T e you wee Azu For Couples The clubbing season is in full swing but if you can head out in the next couple of weeks you can get a bargain break.
[15.] Azu OO, Duru FIO, Osinubi AA, Oremosu AA and Noronha CC, et al.
Azu, Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine, University of KwaZulu-Natal, who will be speaking at the 4th Ethics, Human Rights and Medical Law Confrence at Africa Health 2014: “It is anticipated that a more holistic approach to improving health, as systems move toward preventative as well as curative care, would be implemented by many countries.
CAST: Azu, Laurette Lalande, Maha, Axel Phillipon, Saul Williams, Jean-Baptiste Phou, Jeremie Dethelot