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AZXAzurix Corporation (stock symbol; Houston, TX)
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Mining exploration company GGG Resources plc (AIM:GGG) (ASX:GGB) and gold exploration and development company Auzex Resources ltd (AZX) (ASX:AZX) reported on Thursday that following completion of the merger of the two companies, Brett Lambert has been appointed as managing director of Bullabulling Gold Ltd, with effect from 1 May 2012.
Study site: The study was performed in the Mexican state of Morelos, in the Archeological Zone of Xochicalco (AZX; 18[degrees] 22'-19[degrees] 07' N, and 98[degrees] 37'-99[degrees] 47' W), which lies in the Tembembe river basin.
[C.sub.1] (Zx, Zx) [less than or equal to] ([Z.sup.T] AZx, x) [less than or equal to] [C.sub.2] (Zx, Zx),
Alpha Zeta Chi (California State University, San Marcos) AZX
Current details can be obtained from AZX, Inc., 20 Exchange Place, New York, NY 10005.