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Styles & Ambler (1994) revised an earlier export performance framework from Aaby & Slater (1989), and concluded that it was the partnership and relationship factors which had the greatest influence on export performance improvement.
Post training and with field assignments, the becoming-scientists/experts collected ethnographic and ethnolinguistic data (Hvalkof & Aaby, 1981).
Aaby P, Knudsen K, Jensen TG, Thaarup J, Poulsen A, Sodemann M, et al.
Aaby works on vaccination programs sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) in areas with high rates of infectious disease such as Guinea-Bissau and Senegal.
This result is supported by other studies, such as by Aaby et al.
Em relacao as revisoes de pesquisa empirica sobre performance exportadora, citam-se alguns autores que desenvolveram a tematica, como Aaby e Slater (1989) ao analisarem os estudos publicados de 1978 a 1988, Zou e Stan (1998) abrangendo o periodo de 1987 a 1997 e Souza (2004) compreendendo o periodo entre 1998 e 2004.
of alleged statements made aaby Mario Bolotelli on the Champions League match between Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund.
1998; Goni, 2008; Merino y Moreno, 1996; Eusebio, 2004, Cavusgil, 1984; Cooper y Kleinschmidt, 1985; Daniels y Robles, 1982; Aaby y Slater, 1989; Matthews citado por Escorza, 2001).
Aaby 1979 (Sweden); Bartosh 1969a, 1969b; Danilans 1957 (Latvia); Mannil 1964 (Estonia); Irion, Muller 1968 (Germany)), many investigations of quaternary natural calcareous sediments have been carried-out and, once detailed descriptions and depositional maps were created (1950-1960), a geochemical basis for their use in soil conditioning (liming) was determined (Savickas 1957).
Aaby and Slater (1989) said that the larger a firm, the better its ability to manage the risks of internationalization.