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First, much of the knowledge about successful export activity is fragmented, and the tradition of building on previous findings is not well-established in the export marketing field (Aaby and Slater, 1989; Cavusgil and Zou, 1994).
First, the Aaby and Slater model (1988) was also considered in developing the literature classification used in this paper.
Styles & Ambler (1994) revised an earlier export performance framework from Aaby & Slater (1989), and concluded that it was the partnership and relationship factors which had the greatest influence on export performance improvement.
The customer is the Aaby harness racing association.
Topics and speakers are: "Economic Crisis, Social Movements and State Depression"Aaby Stavros Tombazos; "Athens, December 2008" by Andreas Payiatsos (member of the National Secretariat of SYRIZA-Athens); and, "Migrants and Depression in Cyprus" by a representative of KISA (Action for Equality, Support, Antiracism).
While this material was being procured, shipped and stowed, a close liaison was formed between the Combat Service Support Detachments (CSSD) from both LOGSU's led by LCDR Eric Aaby, CEC, to coordinate logistics planning and deployment.
Export intensity, which is the proportion of the firm's export sales to total sales is a frequently used measure of business success (Aaby and Slater, 1989; Katsikeas et al., 2000; Zou and Stan, 1998).
Existing knowledge and experience provide some insights for identifying factors that influence export performance (Aaby & Slater, 1989; Styles & Ambler, 1994: Zou & Stan, 1998).
1) The main lithostratigraphic features of the sedimentary sequence were identified through macroscopic investigation and the measurement of percentage of inorganic and organic material at 4-cm intervals throughout the core by loss-on-ignition (Aaby 1986).