AALLAmerican Association of Law Libraries (est. 1906; Chicago, IL)
AALLAmerican Association for Labor Legislation (1905-1943)
AALLAsian American Law Librarians (est. 1988)
AALLAssociation for Academic Language and Learning (Australia)
AALLAutomatic Analysis of Learner Language (Workshop)
AALLAlbion Academy for Lifelong Learning (Michigan)
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"Throo aall the waarld owld Gaarge would bwoast, Commend me to merry owld England mwoast; While vools gwoes prating vur and nigh, We stwops at whum, my dog and I."
To sing this song oot Ah began Then sit beside ye's my design, 'Cause aall wor lives are on the line.
AALL that matters is that you and your husband back off and let your daughter know that she's your first priority.
AAll done live, me and a guitar in a room with a bunch of microphones pointing in the right directions.
AALL 18th Century silhouettes were cut or drawn by hand but an invention in the early 19th Century enabled them to be done mechanically - often as quickly as two and a half minutes.
AALL herbaceous plants should only be moved when they are fully dormant and have died back to a cluster of buds at ground level.
AALL through your pregnancy, and for some time afterwards, enormous hormonal changes are taking place in your body which can make you feel weepy and miserable.