AAMFTAmerican Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
AAMFTAmerican Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
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Listening to ethnic minority AAMFT approved supervisors: Reflections on their experiences as supervisees.
Researchers should use the present study as base-line data for a follow-up study, subsequent to aggressive intervention by administrators from the ACA, AAMFT, and NASW.
AAMFT code of ethical principles for marriage and family therapist.
According to Terri Pla, Vice President of Healthcare for the NHCN, "Bringing AAMFT to our Network is very exciting to us and will definitely benefit employers seeking talented professionals in mental health and social services.
In 1996 Becker was invited to the annual AAMFT (American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy) Convention in Toronto where he performed for over 2,000 therapists.
She is certified as a licensed psychologist, a clinical member of AAMFT, and an NBCC Certified Counselor and has recently been certified as an NCC Approved Clinical Supervisor.
Northcentral University was the first University in the country to offer genuine family therapy training with a course-by-course focus on MFT practice delivered online to the standards of the AAMFT.
She is a member of AMHCA, the Florida Mental Health Counselors Association (FMHCA), SMHCA--the District III Affiliate for FMHCA, ACA, and AAMFT.
Under terms of the agreement, AAMFT members will receive a 10% discount on the Therapist Helper(TM) practice management software as part of its package of member benefits.
AAMFT-CA represents more than 3,300 licensed professional marriage and family therapists in California who uphold the high training and practice standards of the organization's international professional association, AAMFT.
Julie Clements has been doing a fantastic job for us, and we are working closely with ACA (American Counseling Association), NBCC (National Board for Certified Counselors), AAMFT (American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists), and other like-minded organizations to make our senators and representatives aware of our issues to better serve our members and our clients.
Accreditation is a public service of AAMFT to ensure that educational levels in marriage and family therapy graduate programs are maintained at high levels, and that these programs are fully answerable to their students' needs and their own professional objectives.