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AATAAnn Arbor Transportation Authority (Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, MI)
AATAAmerican Art Therapy Association, Inc.
AATAAmerican Aerospace Technical Academy (Los Angeles, CA)
AATAAmerican Automobile Touring Alliance
AATAArizona Automobile Theft Authority
AATAArt and Archaeology Technical Abstracts
AATAAmerican Association of Teachers of Arabic
AATAAsociación Argentina de Tenis Adaptado
AATAAnimal Air Transportation Association
AATAArkansas Athletic Trainers' Association
AATAAlabama Aerospace Teachers' Association
AATAAmerican Airlines Travel Academy
AATAAustralian Accordion Teachers Association
AATAArizona Agricultural Teachers Association
AATAAsociacion Argentina de Tiradores con Arco
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Frost), quoting Re AP [2014] AATA 706 (29 September 2014) [56] (Senior
MTNA is an active member of the AATA initiative, and its members have a unique opportunity to influence the development and longevity of musicians and their art for generations to come.
After that extracted DNA was used to amplify the cytochrome oxidase subunit one (CO-I) region of the mtDNA with the primers (COXF) 5'-GG(A/G)GG(A/T)GA(C/T)CC(A/T)ATT(C/T) T(A/T)TATCAAC-3' and (COXRa) 5'-CCTGT(A/T)A(A/t) AATA GCAAATAC-3' using PCR (Saiki et al.
In response, Sharif reportedly laughed and said, " Kash vo din dubaara aata (I wish those days would come back)".
2) Rent to Own (Aust) Pty Ltd and Australian Securities and Investments Commission [2011] AATA 689, [56]; see also Visa Cancellation Applicant and Minister for Immigration and Citizenship[2011] AATA 690, [70].
Us umar main toh vaise bhiyeh sab zyaada pasand aata hail' (I became a DJ because the first time I went to a club, Bollywood music was playing and I immediately felt good listening to it.
76) See, eg, Re SNMX and Minister for Immigration and Citizenship [2009] AATA 539; A sink Antar Paul v Minister for Immigration and Citizenship [2009] AATA 97; Re Raisini and Minister for Immigration and Citizenship [2008] AAT A 640; Re Choi and Minister for Immigration and Citizenship [2008] AATA 726.
Sibel Edmonds was flabbergasted, since the ATC, the AATA, and this particular Turkish colonel were targets of interest in the intelligence she monitored for FBI Special Agent Dennis Saccher, who was in charge of the bureau's Turkish counterintelligence.
Regulations and Guidelines for the Transportation of Research Animals are published: the AATA Manual for the Transportation of Live Animals (AATA, 2000), the IATA Live Animals Regulations (IATA, 2005), and a Report of the Transport Working Group Established by the Laboratory Animal Science Association (Swallow et al.
1 -- Mumbai SAB TV presents 'Uthe SAB Ke Kadam', an event that celebrates the philosophy of the channel 'Aasli Mazaa Sab Ke Saath Aata Hai'.
With its into-the-face dialogues, the trailer itself might leave many gasping like Tusshar when Vidya says: Mujhe jo chahiye uska mazza raat ko hee aata hai and many ogling like Naseer does when she decks up for a film shoot.
Power v Australian Securities and Investments Commission, [2005] AATA 338, 86 ALD 758.