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ÅSÅsane Fotball (Norwegian football club)
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The kits also contain a variety of other products including an abandon ship bag, strobe lights, signal mirror and a whistle, to further help rescuers.
But Ian Lawrie QC, for the ship''s owners Torbulk Ltd, produced a signed statement from survivor Roman Savin saying drills were regularly held, although the statement did not refer to abandon ship drills being held during the period October to November when he served on the ship.
The crew on the third deck, for 30 minutes straight, kept asking the bridge if they should already issue the order to abandon ship, KBS said.
Survitec Australia managing director Mark Barker said after the incident, "Noone likes to hear about sailors who need to abandon ship in the wild Southern Ocean.
Schettino was the only one able to make the decision to abandon ship by law and company policy," Alessandro Carella said.
The bad economy is causing boat owners to abandon ship, literally.
It was decided to abandon ship as the pumps could not cope with the influx of water.
Florenio Marino, the captain of M/V Princess of the Stars, sent a distress call moments before giving the order to abandon ship off Romblon, due to typhoon Fengshen.
Speaking from their home in Leamington Road, they told how they managed to survive in freezing temperatures after they were told they had to abandon ship.
But delve deeper into anthems such as Abandon Ship and In The Belly Of A Shark, and you'll find tight rhythms, precision riffs and tricky time changes more reminiscent of Metallica.
But I disagree with her usage of the word church and her suggestion that Catholic gays abandon ship.
Gentlemen, sorry to abandon ship but I'm tired of the status quo.