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ÅSÅsane Fotball (Norwegian football club)
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"Stand by to abandon ship. Haven't you any lift in you, fore or aft?"
With Q1 cord-cutting results now in the books, it may still be too early to abandon ship...
But Ian Lawrie QC, for the ship''s owners Torbulk Ltd, produced a signed statement from survivor Roman Savin saying drills were regularly held, although the statement did not refer to abandon ship drills being held during the period October to November when he served on the ship.
Crew members of the South Korean passenger ferry Sewol said they repeatedly asked officers on the bridge if they should already give the order to abandon ship. The bridge did not respond, a crew member said.
The order to abandon ship was not given until more than an hour after the Costa Concordia had struck rocks, the report added.
But the rarity with which most offshore yachties deploy their life rafts is, for life raft manufacturers and marine safety advocates, a cause for concern, as the moment of imminent danger in which sailors abandon ship isn't the right time to ask the question: "How do you use this thing?"
An officer is heard shouting, "What shall we do?" while someone else cries "General emergency!" and yet the order to abandon ship still isn't given.
James Thomas, 19, from Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, a dancer who helped to direct petrified passengers off the vessel, said the instruction to abandon ship should have been given "an hour earlier, if not more".
"Shortly after the suspected attack, the [Brillante] Virtuoso reported a fire on board which was beyond their control and that their intention was to abandon ship," the statement said.
"To those who are reluctant to abandon ship but are concerned about the direction of their party, I invite them to work with us on issues of common interest," he said.
The captain ordered the crew to abandon ship after it started flooding.