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ABASAdaptive Behavior Assessment System
ABASAcademy of Business Administrative Sciences
ABASAssurance Business Advisory Services (accounting)
ABASAttribute-Based Architectural Style
ABASAircraft Based Augmentation Systems
ABASAccounting Based Advisory Services (finance)
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We fully support the appointment of Commissioner Sheriff Abas as chairman of the Comelec,' said Comelec Employees' Union president Mac Ramirez.
The President made a good choice in naming Abas to the Comelec as it gears for the 2018 barangay and youth polls, 2019 midterm polls and 2022 presidential elections,' Ramirez said.
The ABA is saying that any business that has aggregate loans above $3million, including loans with ALL financial institutions and including ALL associated entities, will not be treated as a small business.
Will the ABA be educating and developing referral relationships with a manageable number of people to obtain the volume of leads required to make the ABA work?
The prospective partner's reputation in the business, respect from employees or agents, overall financial stability and team orientation are prerequisites for proposing an ABA relationship.
Some studies have demonstrated the involvement of the ABA mechanism in sorghum salt tolerance.
Its membership-which includes community, regional and money center banks and holding companies, as well as savings associations, trust companies and savings banks-makes ABA the largest banking trade association in the country.
This new agreement is the latest chapter in our company's long history of working closely with the ABA and ensures that Martindale-Hubbell's pre-eminent database of lawyers will continue to power the official third-party lawyer directory on the ABA Web site," said Paul Gazzolo, senior vice president of business development and marketing for New Providence, N.
The ABA Marketing Network (formerly the Bank Marketing Association) provides marketing education and information, professional growth opportunities and networking resources to more than 1,600 members from the United States and across the world.
As official registrar for the ABA routing number system, TFP has assigned, retired and maintained history on all ABA routing numbers since the system's inception in 1911.
BUSINESS WIRE)--March 26, 1998-- Martindale-Hubbell and the American Bar Association (ABA), two venerable institutions serving the American legal profession, Thursday announced the debut of the ABA Network Lawyer Locator on the Internet.
Robert Stein, executive director of the ABA, said: "This new venture will enhance greatly the ABA's ability to service our members, particularly lawyers who work in small law firms or alone, as well as the profession at large.