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Just 5% of 4,000 car owners surveyed were able to recognise the abbreviation TNT, which stands for taxed and tested.
Emerson, we're going to do it this way:' For years, our "house style" has been to use Baker's venerable abbreviations as a source--as well as Audre Hanneman's (Hanneman took Baker as her own source and then elaborated on his list).
The use of symbols and abbreviations in NAPLAN numeracy tests (ACARA, 2010) Year 3 Year 5 Year 7 Units such as m, Units such as g, Units such as km, cm Four kg, and ml mm, mg operations Decimal point ( ), %, [degrees] (+, -, /, x) =, $ Quotients written Times such as 4:20 as 12/4 or 2/5 am, pm > N, S, E, W for N for north directions C4 for a grid reference, 3D for three dimensional Year 3 Year 9 Units such as m, Units such as [m.
In some situations, symbols or abbreviations have a similar appearance but very different meanings (Gough, 2007).
A recent US study of 30,000 medication errors, some fatal, showed 5% were linked to abbreviations in notes.
uk, also found that most Britons don't know the most often used financial abbreviations.
And she discovered from her 80,000 word thesis that there is more to texting that just abbreviations something most people associate with texting.
Maximum expected adjustable leg support height abbreviation [ELS.
Abbreviations must be consistent so that they mean the same thing to everyone who reads the record.
Patient safety is in jeopardy when abbreviations are used.
In the first year of an assignment in India, acronyms and abbreviations were one of the barriers to understanding the country, from identifying its myriad rebel groups to getting directions to a decent bar.
TextExpander already lets you create short, expandable abbreviations for email signatures, standard greetings, formatted text and pictures.