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Summary: When I was a young man ploughing my way through the rich soil of the English language like a diligent apprentice farmer, it was the abbreviation that was generally in use
I agree that medical information should be concisely delivered and the use of abbreviations and acronyms for common terminology should be acceptable.
After setting out a theoretical framework, she discusses abbreviations, blends, reduplicatives, minor phenomena, and extra-grammatical formations in use.
The periodical industry has not gone quite as far as the electronic media, but we writers are acutely aware space costs real money in a magazine, so the use of abbreviations has become the norm for us.
Use of symbols and abbreviations in the 2010 NAPLAN numeracy tests
The UK's Medical Defence Union said difficulties often arose because abbreviations can have more than one meaning or might be misread.
Using different coloured pens Learners can save a lot of time and effort by using abbreviations and symbols.
It is important to clarify what is meant by mathematical symbols and abbreviations.
Consult the MLA Handbook, and you'll find that the profession has only anointed abbreviations for the books of the Bible (canonical, deuterocanonical, and apocryphal), Shakespeare (yes, that's Tit.
While those aged 34 years and under are still the most prolific users of such abbreviations, new research has found that two-thirds of all adults now use them.
Why does Airman magazine continue to use non-standard abbreviations for Air Force ranks as opposed to the official rank abbreviations?
However, the authors suggest using abbreviations whenever possible; I contend that abbreviations should be used as little as is reasonable.