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I look forward to the next series but I only hope that we can be spared so many TLAs or if not then can the BBC (I know that one also) issues us with a GOA (glossary of abbreviations) so that we know what the hell they are all talking about!
LOL One of the first text abbreviations to emerge from instant messaging, it is often mistaken for "lots of love" but is "laugh out loud".
The police expect that all the combinations for BL will be "run off" next year, hence the need for the new abbreviation.In the past, the abbreviations consisted of three letters and followed an alphabetic order.
When people started texting, for many there was another practical reason to keep words short, hence the use of abbreviations such as b4, as characters cost money.
Although the abbreviations "tPA," "TPA," or rt-PA" are often used when referring to alteplase, they are also used when referencing the larger class of recombinant tissue plasminogen activator medications.
Comprehensive studies show that English abbreviations and acronyms are assimilated by other languages highlighting the capacity of these languages to assimilate and use an international composition process [Stoichitoiu-Ichim (2006); Kostina et al.
Acronyms, however, are different from abbreviations. They are 'words formed from the initial letters and are pronounced as they are spelled, not as separate letters', according to Oxford Dictionaries dot com.
I did a completely nonscientific survey of how Google did coming up with meanings for various abbreviations randomly selected from Taber's list (I closed my eyes and picked).
I assume that OK must have once been an abbreviation for something, but I can't come up with a likely explanation.
The frequency and form of abbreviations are also fairly consistent, and again, the letter q is not drawn with a pointy descender.
The book compiles meanings of abbreviations found in handwritten Spanish documents from the colonial era.
After setting out a theoretical framework, she discusses abbreviations, blends, reduplicatives, minor phenomena, and extra-grammatical formations in use.