ABCANAdvisory Board on Child Abuse and Neglect
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After epitopes activation, slides were incubated overnight at 4[degrees]C with antiPCNA (1:300, AB2426, ABCAN, Inc., USA).
Thereafter, the slides were washed in PBS and incubated with biotinylated anti-rabbit immunoglobulin G (IgG) secondary antibody (1:500, AB97049, ABCAN, Inc., USA).
To block nonspecific sites, sections were incubated in PBS containing 0.3% Triton X-100 and 10% normal donkey serum at room temperature for 1 h, then incubated overnight in primary antibodies (goat polyclonal anti-Sema3D, 1: 100, Santa Cruz, sc-67943; rabbit polyclonal anti-Plexin, 1 : 100, Santa Cruz; and mouse polyclonal anti-Neuropilin1, 1:100, Abcan, AB81321).