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Serum chemerin levels are associated with abdominal visceral fat in type 2 diabetes.
The changes in whole-body and regional abdominal fat, including in the abdominal visceral fat area (AVFA) and abdominal subcutaneous fat area (ASFA), resulting from these 12-week interventions were subsequently compared among the three groups.
After the 12-week intervention, however, a reduction in the abdominal visceral fat revealed by an alternation in the AVFA from the corresponding baseline value (Figure 2(a)) was discovered in both intervention groups (p < 0.05); no change was noted in the CON group.
Similarly, the abdominal visceral fat loss observed in 12 out of 15 participants postintervention (Figure 2(a)) further supports other studies that have indicated that long-term, continuous aerobic exercise is associated with excess visceral fat elimination in obese people [3, 5].
Apparently, HIIT-induced abdominal visceral fat reduction is not likely dependent upon the amount of energy expended in exercise sessions; this is further confirmed by our recent findings of a similar AVFA reduction of 9.7 [cm.sup.2] (data not shown) in a group of young obese females after completing a 12-week HIIT at an identical intensity, where the work (400 kJ), exercise duration (46.3 [+ or -] 6.3 to 48.2 [+ or -] 6.4 min), and total O2 cost (81.2 [+ or -] 5.5 L) per session were greater than those of the present study.
The aforementioned differences in the adaptations of abdominal visceral fat in response to prolonged MICT and HIIT suggest that the underlying mechanisms for fat loss following the two training regimes may not be identical.
The inflammatory capacity of abdominal visceral fat is greater than other deposits and is a possible source f low grade systemic inflammation (Alvehus et al., 2010).
In conclusion, our study shows that peripheral blood mtDNA copy number is associated with abdominal visceral fat area in 94 healthy young-aged subjects.
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