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APBAll Points Bulletin (law enforcement)
APBAccounting Principles Board
APBAuditing Practices Board (UK FRC)
APBAccounting Principles Board opinion (GAAP)
APBAcquisition Program Baseline
APBAdvanced Pci Bridge
APBAccess Point and Bridge
APBActive Php Bookmarks
APBAdmission Post-Bac (French online higher education portal)
APBAdvanced Peripheral Bus
APBA Path Beyond (gaming)
APBApoptygma Berzerk (band)
APBAnnual Performance Bonus
APBAnsible Playbook Bundle (app)
APBAbductor Pollicis Brevis (muscle)
APBAdvisory Policy Board (CJIS)
APBAborigines Protection Board (Australia)
APBAdvance Payment Bond (finance)
APBA Prueba de Boludos (Spanish: Stupid Proof)
APBAssociation Pharmaceutique Belge (Belgian Pharmacists Association)
APBAlgemene Pharmaceutische Bond (Belgian Pharmacists Association)
APBAsia-Pacific Broadcasting
APBAdvanced Processing Build
APBAtrial Premature Beat
APBAssociation Parole-Bégaiement
APBSelf-Propelled Barracks Ship
APBAgriculture Protection Board (Washington)
APBAnti Pass Back (parking management)
APBAmerican Pig Brand (clothing)
APBAnti-Phase Boundary (crystal chemistry)
APBAsia Pacific Board (IEEE)
APBAmbulatory Blood Pressure
APBAvant Projet de Budget (French: Before Project Budget)
APBAlpha Phi Beta (fraternity)
APBAnalytical Processing Benchmark
APBAssociation pour la Promotion des Batwa (French)
APBAcademic Policy Board (various schools)
APBAmerican Partners Bank (Waterfield Bank; Bethesda, MD)
APBAnti Pirate Bureau (Swedish Antipiratbyrån)
APBAmerican Part-Blooded Horse Registry
APBAuto-Pièce Burguière (French auto parts retailer)
APBApproved Program Baseline
APBAfghanistan Programming Body
APBAnderson Pipe Band (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
APBAssociated Press Broadcasters
APBAssociacao Portuguesa de Biologos (Portuguese: Portuguese Association of Biology)
APBAvionics Planning Baseline
APBAcquisition Project Baseline
APBAmyloid Beta A4 Precursor Protein-Binding
APBActive Position Backward
APBAthens Park Bloods (gang)
APBA3I Project Baseline
APBAmerican Policy Board
APBArmy Packaging Board
APBAnti Personnel Blast
APBAnti-Phase (domain) Boundary (also seen as APDB)
APBAutomatismes et Portes pour le Bâtiment (French: Doors and Automation in Construction)
APBATM Performance and Billing (Sprint)
APBAdductor Pollicis Brevis (medical; hand muscle)
APBAutomation Policy Board
APBAntenna Pointing Buffer
APBAdditional Policy Benefit (Insurance)
APBAyr-Paris Band (Ontario, Canada)
APBAdvert Puzzle Book (UK)
APBAll Police Band (amateur music group)
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Sensory ([micro]V) Median Wrist Third finger >20 Ulnar Wrist Fifth finger >18 Sural Calf Wrist >5 Median Wrist APB >5 Elbow APB Ulnar Wrist ADM >7 Below Elbow ADM Peroneal Ankle EDB >3 Below Knee EDB Tibial Ankle AH >6 Knee AH Latency (ms) V (m/s) F wave (ms) Median <3.4 >50 Ulnar <3.0 >50 Sural <4.5 >40 Median <4.1 >50 <31 Ulnar <3.1 >50 <32 Peroneal <5.1 >40 <50 Tibial <5.5 >40 <51 APB: abductor pollicis brevis; ADM: abductor digiti minimi; EDB: extensor digitorum brevis; AH: abductor hallucis; V: velocity Table 2.
In February 2011, an outpatient electrophysiologic evaluation showed a severe right focal demyelination of the median nerve at the wrist and mild acute denervation in the abductor pollicis brevis muscle, consistent with CTS.
For example, in looking at the 3D image of the hand and clicking on a muscle of the thumb, the heading Abductor pollicis brevis appears to the right along with a description of the muscle, information about its actions, and links to animations and movies showing its movement.
Palpation revealed tenderness and hypertonicity in the muscles of the thenar eminence (Abductor Pollicis Brevis, Flexor Pollicis Brevis, and Opponens Pollicis).
The median nerve also serves the abductor pollicis brevis, the opponens pollicis, and the superficial head of the flexor pollicis brevis; involves the muscles to the thumb (Li, Harkness, & Goitz, 2005); and is the most specific motor assessment for CTS.
Effects of the adductor pollicis and abductor pollicis brevis on thumb metacarpophalangeal joint laxity before and after ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction.
Motor threshold (MT) is the level of stimulation required to produce movement in a contralateral target muscle, such as the abductor pollicis brevis that causes contraction of the thumb.
A neurological examination demonstrated motor strength changes: 4/5 deltoid and supra and infraspinatus, 3/5 triceps, 1/5 biceps, 2/5 wrist flexion, 0/5 wrist and finger extension, 1/5 lumbricals and interossei, 0/5 abductor pollicis brevis and 3/5 adductor pollicis on the right.
Six subjects with pacemakers received stimulation of the left peroneal nerve at the left ankle and fibular head with the active surface recording electrode placed over the left extensor digitorum brevis muscle and stimulation of the left median nerve at the wrist and elbow with the active surface recording electrode placed over the left abductor pollicis brevis muscle.