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ABEEAdventure Based Experiential Educators
ABEEAssociation Belge des Entrepreneurs d'Etanchéité (French: Belgian Association of Waterproofing Contractors; Belgium)
ABEEAdvisory Board on English Education (Ministry of Education; Canada)
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Rob Garcia, Synovus North Georgia Division CEO, said, 'With more than 25 years in the financial services industry, David Abee is a deeply experienced banker, offering a wealth of personal knowledge of industries, companies and economic development opportunities in north Georgia.
Veteran advisor Billy Wellons mentored Scott Abee when they worked together back in the '80s and '90s before going their separate ways.
Though his facility has not conducted any biomedical experiments on chimpanzees since 2012, Abee said primate researchers were "continuing to learn from chimpanzees through these observational studies," which he said would largely end when the animals live in a sanctuary.
Flow cytometry (FCM) is an appealing technique for fast viability assessment (Bunthof and Abee, 2002; Bunthof et al.
Steve Abee (author); JOHNNY FUTURE; MP Publishing (Fiction: Literary) 14.
52) Resulta necesario remarcar que el Abee de Saint-Non no es mas que el coordinador de la edicion y publicacion.
Ted Gossett of Palm Beach and Robert Abee of Raleigh, N.
Judges have ruled that Vivartia ABEE ProTonton Diatrofis kai Ypiresion Estiasis, of Greece, cannot register as a European Union (EU) trademark its 'Milko' sign, written in western Latin and Greek alphabets, for "milk with cocoa" products.
Chapter officers include: Ellen Duncan, Chair; Pauline Scott, Vice Chair; Norma Gaffney, Secretary/Treasurer; and Robin Mc Abee and Meredith Brawley, Members-At-Large.
5, Matthew Leonard, 3, Andrew Lisle, 1, Mark Lynskey, 3, Sarah Marley, 3, Michael Marshall, 2, Abee McCallum, 3, Philippa McGregor, 3.
5; Matthew Leonard 3; Andrew Lisle 1; Mark Lynskey 3; Sarah Marley 3; Michael Marshall 2; Abee McCallum 3; Philippa McGregor 3.