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ABHIAssociation of British Healthcare Industries
ABHIAustralian Better Health Initiative (East Perth, Western Australia, Australia)
ABHIAmerican Board of Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics
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lt;B (From left) Janie Frampton, Sports Officals UK; Eileen Schofield, Schofield and Associates; Sue Hurrell, IoD; Suzette Davenport, former Chief Constable, Gloucestershire Police; Janette Rawlinson, Just Real Solutions; Janine Green, Resolve ASB; Abhi Punj, 3Twenty UK; Beaulagh Brooks, Birmingham School of Jewellery.
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Obviously Abhi is not happy with her clingy nature and it reaches a point when Abhi decides to break off the relationship.
Muzaffarnagar Abhi Baki Hai shows how Hindutva organisations and leaders of the ruling SP provoked the masses against each other to commit atrocities towards members of the opposite community.
The novel picks up as we learn more about the relationship between the two characters, and with much of the background filled in, we begin to connect with both Abhi in London and Urea in Calcutta.
Scholarship winner Abhi wants to achieve success, the first step to which will be the Student of the Year trophy.
The title of the drama was "Umeed Abhi Baqi hai" and was written and directed by Waqas Aziz.
New Delhi, July 21 -- Karigari Jewelry will be the official accessory partner of Designer Abhi Singh at the upcoming Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2012 runway event, being held from 3rd-7th August at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Mumbai.
Nepal's litterateur and educationist Prof Abhi Subedi will visit Doha on November 9 to take part in a literature programme, organised by Internatinal Nepali Literature Society.
The team from Clyde & Co advising Zulekha was led by Dubai-based corporate partner, Abhi Jalan.
The reading will also see the participation of writers and poets whose works have been translated by Thapa herself, including the poet Manjul and writer Abhi Subedi.
Summary: Abhi Talwalkar, President and CEO, California-based LSI Corp, has steered the chipmaker in a different direction by refocussing on semiconductor solutions for networking devices.