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ABIAssociation of British Insurers
ABIAcquired Brain Injury
ABIAmerican Bankruptcy Institute
ABIAbitur (German secondary school final examination)
ABIApplication Binary Interface
ABIAllied Business Intelligence, Inc (Oyster Bay, New York)
ABIAnnual Business Inquiry (Office for National Statistics; UK)
ABIAutomated Broker Interface
ABIAssociazione Bancaria Italiana
ABIActivity Based Intelligence (various organizations)
ABIAnkle/Brachial Index
ABIArchitecture Billings Index (finance)
ABIApplied Biosystems, Inc.
ABIAnoxic Brain Injury
ABIAssociacao Brasileira de Imprensa (Brazilian press association)
ABIAmerican Beverage Institute
ABIAgencia Boliviana de Informacion (Spanish: Bolivian Information Agency; Bolivia)
ABIAlabama Bureau of Investigation
ABIAllied Business Intelligence
ABIAnita Borg Institute for Women and Technology (Palo Alto, CA)
ABIArial Black Italic (font)
ABIAeries Browser Interface (Eagle Software)
ABIAdvanced Baseline Imager
ABIAmerican Biographical Institute
ABIArbitration In
ABIActive Business Income (taxes)
ABIAssociation of British Investigators
ABIAmerican Business Information
ABIAssignment of Beneficial Interest (real estate law)
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ABIAnagrafe Biblioteche Italiane (Italian: Individual Italian Libraries)
ABIAnimal Behavior Institute, Inc.
ABIAlliance for Bio-Integrity (Iowa)
ABIAirborne Broadcast Intelligence (US DoD)
ABIAmerican Bankers Insurance Group
ABIAdjacent Beam Interference (telecommunications)
ABIAmerican Butter Institute
ABIAutomated Ball Indentation
ABIAirbus Industries
ABIAbrigo y Bienestar Integral (Spanish: Comprehensive Welfare and Shelter)
ABIAbilene, TX, USA - Municipal (Airport Code)
ABIAustrian Biotech Industry (Vienna, Austria)
ABIAnsaldobreda, Inc. (est. 2001; San Francisco, CA)
ABIAssociation of Banks-in-Insurance
ABIAlternate Bid Item (construction)
ABIAmerican Business Index
ABIAssociation for Better Insulation
ABIAdvanced Boundary Information
ABIApplied Biometrics Inc. (Newmarket, ON, Canada)
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ABIAsociación de Bienestar Infantil (Association of Infant Well-Being, Guatemala)
ABIAssociation for Bio-Diversity Information
ABIAuxiliary Building Isolation
ABIAtelier de Bio-Informatique (French: Bioinformatics Workshop; est. 1985)
ABIAir-Borne Illness
ABIAustralian Business Institute
ABIAir Brush Ink
ABIAutomatic Broker Interchange
ABIAutomatic Bearing Instrumentation
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Abitur is conferred on students who pass their final exams at the end of their secondary education, usually after 12 or 13 years of schooling, in Germany or German schools abroad.
Die Jubilarin ist weiterhin Mitglied eines Ausschusses, der den estnischen Minister fur Bildung und Forschung zum Thema einer bessere Durchfuhrung der Staatsexamen fur das Abitur in estnischer Sprache und der Entwicklung des gesamten Prufungssystems beratend zur Seite steht.
When endorsing the children for the Gymnasium, which leads to the university entrance diploma Abitur' perfect German language skills as well as an educationally supportive family were seen as inevitable prerequisites by the teachers.
Moreover, this process has been accompanied by an almost explosive expansion of evaluations and accountability schemes, which have turned the traditional European system of exclusive and strict "input control" (Abitur and peer-review) into different schemes of "output control" in which practically "everything that moves is measured".
Figure 1: German School System (ThinkQuest Team, 1999) Advanced Vocational Training Technical or Trade School 13 Vocational qualification 11 & 12 Training and Full time Vocational upper education at vocational secondary school companies and school (Fachoberschule) part time (Berufsfacherschule) vocational schools (Berufschule) 5 thru 10 Secondary Intermediate School (Realschule) General School (Hautpschule) 1 thru 4 Primary School (Grundschule) Kindergarten University University Qualification Exam (Abitur) 13 13th grade and Abitur prep 11 & 12 Continuation with Gymnasium or Gesamtschule 5 thru 10 Grammar school Comprehensive school (Gymnasium) (Gesamptschule) 1 thru 4
(a) Schizophrenia, schizotypal and delusional disorders, (b) Affective disorders, c F4 = Neurotic, stress-related and somatoform disorders, F5 = Behavioral syndromes associated with physiological disturbances and physical factors, F6 = Disorders of adult personality and behavior, F7 = Mental retardation, d separated, divorced or widowed, (e) "Abitur", (f) "Realschule", "Hauptschule" or lower.
Approximately half of those who left school in 1979 without an Abitur (high school diploma) were able to eventually acquire one or more graduation certificates.
Those two training itineraries are not symmetrical, since the former is accessed from the Gymnasium and the Abitur test, while the latter is accessed from the Realschule or the Hautptshule and some of the later vocational possibilities (Senent, 1994).
Although the regulations do not make it obligatory for would-be trainees to have any specific secondary school qualifications to access training in the 'dual' system (BIBB, 2011), 31% of all those taking up a course of training have successfully completed nine years' secondary education (Hauptschulabschluss), 42% have completed ten years (Realschulabschluss), and 23% hold the qualification (Abitur) that would entitle them to move on to tertiary education (BIBB, 2013: 169).
Se denominaron Realschulen, y en Prusia, el diploma de las Oberrealschulen fue reconocido por la monarquia como equivalente al Abitur del Gymnasium, permitiendo con ello el acceso a algunas titulaciones de la Universidad.
The other 43 Grade 12 Abitur pupils of DHPS received their school leaving certificates during a festive valedictory service held on 2 November.
Higher-achieving students--about a quarter of the total--attend the Gymnasium with its college-preparatory curriculum and sit for the Abitur. The Abitur is a famously rigorous examination, one of the models for the International Baccalaureate programs in the United States.