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ABORArizona Board of Regents
ABORAcademic Bill of Rights
ABORAustin Board of Realtors (Austin, TX)
ABORAccounting Book of Record
ABORAutonomous Beer-Opening Robot (Jean-Philippe Clerc invention)
ABORAcademic Bill of Restrictions (Academic Bill of Rights nickname)
ABORArlington Board of Realtors (Texas)
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The overall results from Table 3 suggest that the variations in the efficiency levels are less dependent on expenditure per student compared to variations in magnitude of the socioeconomic factors across school sizes (i.e., ABOR. SPLED, and ICSEA).
"This is important because it means that the ABoR disagrees with the view of the FCMC that we can no longer represent TKB.
These include: accounting measures like ROE, ROA and GPR (e.g Abor, 2005, Ebaid 2009; Salim and Yadav 2012); market based measures like volatility and stock returns (Welch, 2004); Tobin's Q which is a mixture of both market as well as accounting values (Zeitun and Tian 2007; Salim and Yadav 2012).
To capture homes built as part of new subdivisions, we created a dummy variable that is equal to one if the builder of a home built more than 100 homes in the AEGB database (the ABoR data did not indicate builder).
THE NATIONAL L ABOR RELATIONS ACT (NLRA) can pre-empt a supervisor's wrongful termination claim, the 6th Circuit ruled Jan.
Jordan, who has learning difficulties, admitted having sex with the girl who later had an abor tion.
Yeung's planned takeover years ago, through clothing fir Grandtop International, was abor in farcical circumstances when failed to raise the required amou of cash after initially spending million on a 29.9 per cent stak holding.
One of the objectives of this study was to screen single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) of chicken H-FABP gene among 252 individuals that included 4 Chinese domestic chicken breeds (Fengkai Xinghua (T04), Huiyang Huxu (H), Qingyuan Ma (Q), Guangxi Xiayan (S1)), 2 breeds developed by the Institute of Animal Science, Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences (Lingnan Huang (DC), dwarf chicken (E4)) and one introduced broiler (Abor Acre (AA)).
Olmert's Kadima party is held together by alliances with the leftist L= abor, religious Shas and Russian Yisroel Beitenu parties.